Research & Development

As the outome of the college R&D Steering committee meeting convened on 05/02/2016, a new R&D cell is formed for the year 2016 . The Steering Committe identified R&D members from all the departments.

Composition of Research & Development Cell

Dr. E. Edward Anand Director - R&D, EGSPGOI
Dr. M. Irshad Ahamed Convenor - R&D, EGSPEC
Dr. V. Mohan Director - Academics, EGSPGOI
Dr. S. Ramabalan Principal, EGSPEC
Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra Head, IPR Cell, EGSPGOI
Department Co-ordinators
Mrs. M. Kavitha ECE Dept.
Mr. M. Markco CSBS Dept.
Dr. B. Ashwini CIVIL Dept.
Dr. P. Vijayalakshmi IT Dept.
Dr. C. Mallika MCA Dept.
Dr. P. Adwin Jose S&H Dept.
Dr. T. Suresh Padmanaban EEE Dept.
Dr. K. Balasubramanian CSE Dept.
Dr. B. Asha Daisy MBA Dept.
Dr. R. Venakatesan BME Dept.
Dr. J. Amutha AIDS Dept.