Department of Science and Humanities


Department of Science and Humanities


The Department of Science and Humanities is a primal department which consists of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English. All the disciplines in the department exist as an individual division and maintain individual identities. The varied disciplines provide the students with the knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Environmental Science fundamentals. Developing moral behaviour among the students, utilizing human resources and coordinating academic responsibilities are the exclusive potentials of the department.

The department accomplishes transforming young aspiring minds into determined freshman engineers through Outcome Based Education. Besides, the department teaches students a positive ethos through Value-Based Education.

Dr. R. Deepa, Associate Professor & Head, who has academic excellence and research experience for 15 years, leads the department with 60 highly qualified, experienced and goal-oriented members with specializations in various fields.


Department of Science and Humanities is committed to providing quality education to freshers entering into Engineering stream, enabling them to excel in the fields of basic sciences and technology.


  1. To contribute strongly to the academic standing and overall knowledge development of the students.
  2. To maintain state-of-the-art infrastructure, laboratory facilities, and a modern congenial learning environment.
  3. To enhance the competence of faculty to high standards by involving in research and development (R&D), eventually leading to centres of excellence and offering consultancy to industries and society.


  • Experienced faculty members.
  • Highly equipped laboratories to uplift the students’ practical knowledge.
  • Advance Instrumentation Laboratory with state-of-the-art facilities.
  • ICT tool enabled smart classroom for interactive learning.
  • Providing ample resources and a serene ambience for the readers.
  • Enhancing students’ creativity through Project Based Learning.
  • Facilitates the students to publish their findings in journals.
  • Facilitates the students to win accolades in IELTS, Linguaskill and GATE by providing special training sessions.
  • Motivating the students in participation and winning technical and non-technical events.
  • Conducting social–related extension activities like State Level Quiz competitions, and motivational programmes for Higher Secondary school students.
  • E-Box Industrial based training offered in every semester by experts.
  • Yoga is another specific training given to all first-year students by Trainer.
  • Japanese Language is introduced in Elective subject choices and around 90 students have benefitted in this academic year.
  • To strengthen our college admission process, we give Motivational training sessions to all higher secondary school students.
  • Experienced faculty members conduct outreach programs such as public awareness, rallies, brochure distribution and medical camps.
  • Out of 58 faculty members, 24 Ph.D. faculty members are working in Science and Humanities.

HOD’s Desk

Head of the department

Research and Development

The department is enriched with well qualified and experienced faculty members with research experience in various fields. The faculty members are actively engaged in teaching, research, continuing education programs and consultancy. They have published more than 262 research papers in both international and national journals and presented papers in many international and national conferences.

Latest Publications

1 Catalytic degrading agents for dyes from pyrimidine derived imine capped nickel nanoparticles: colorization of cotton and antibacterial activity of colored cotton. 2024
2 Mamdani-type fuzzy inference system for irrigational water quality 2024
3 Green synthesis of MnO2 nanoparticles from Psidium guajava leaf extract: Morphological characterization, photocatalytic and DNA/BSA interaction studies 2024


Teaching Staff

S. No Name of the faculty member Designation
1Dr. Edward Anand EProfessor
2Dr. Manoj Kumar MishraAssociate Professor
3Dr. Ponsadai Lakshmi SProfessor
4Dr. Deepa RAssociate Professor
5Dr. Deepa RAssociate Professor & Head
6Dr. Gopi CProfessor
7Dr. Vijjayasundaram VProfessor
8Dr. Moorthy NProfessor
9Dr. Prabhavathi MAssistant Professor
10Dr. Kavitha TAssociate Professor
11Dr. Kamalanathan SAssociate Professor
12Dr. Sathish Kumar RAssistant Professor
13Dr. SenthilarasanAssistant Professor
14Dr. Adwin Jose PAssociate Professor
15Dr. Manju KAssistant Professor
16Dr. Tharani SAssociate Professor
17Dr. Ithaya Priya BAssistant Professor
18Dr. Mohamed Ali PAssistant Professor
19Dr. Sumadhy PAssistant Professor
20Dr. Sudha VAssistant Professor
21Dr. Stella Mary MAssistant Professor
22Dr. Kannaki KAssistant Professor
23Dr. Mekala RAssistant Professor
24Dr. Karthikeyan VAssistant Professor
25Mr. John Paul VAssistant Professor
26Mrs. Usha KAssistant Professor
27Ms. Seetha RAssistant Professor
28Mrs. Srividhya SAssistant Professor
29Mrs. Ananthi DAssistant Professor
30Mrs. Bhuvana GAssistant Professor
31Mrs. Geetha KAssistant Professor
32Mr. Dhanasekaran RAssistant Professor
33Mrs. Malathi SAssistant Professor
34Mrs. Santhi KAssistant Professor
35Mrs. Suganya KAssistant Professor
36Mr. Raguraman VAssistant Professor
37Mr. Ilayaraja KAssistant Professor
38Mr. Premkumar KAssistant Professor
39Mrs. Kaviyarasi JAssistant Professor
40Mr. Gopinath SAssistant Professor
41Mr. Karthik GAssistant Professor
42Mr. Gunalan MAssistant Professor
43Mrs. Anitha VAssistant Professor
44Mr. Sathish kumar NAssistant Professor
45Mr. Rakesh SAssistant Professor
46Mrs. Shanmugapriya PAssistant Professor
47Mr. Sathyamoorthy BAssistant Professor
48Ms. Visalakshi cAssistant Professor
49Mr. Prabaharan MAssistant Professor
50Ms. Narchonai IAssistant Professor
51Mrs. Sowmiya SAssistant Professor
52Ms. Saranya RAssistant Professor
53Mrs. Fathima Sulthan Begam MAssistant Professor
54Mr. Sakthivel KAssistant Professor
55Mr. Muthukumar PAssistant Professor
56Mr. Kalanithi S AAssistant Professor
57Mr. Giritharavasan DAssistant Professor
58Mr. Gunanithi M GAssistant Professor

Non-Teaching Staff

S. No Name of the faculty member Designation
1Mr. S. VijayasankarNon-Teaching - Physics Lab
2Ms. AnjaliNon-Teaching - Chemistry Lab
3Ms. AnulakshmiOffice Assistant